Our solution is rich with features that are streamlined to optimize the user experience. Full access to all modules in include in our base pricing plan.  Medcare Tech offers a clean, intuitive interface for overall system administration, scheduling, patient management, reporting, and billing.

Primary capabilities include patient intake and care management.  Staff and  schedule management is included for  doctors ranging to volunteer.  Coding procedures  integrate seamlessly with the billing module.

The Admin Module allows for easy management of vendors, insurance partners, and system users. Standard features include detailed logs of all transactions to support audits and a fast upload module to facilitate data management.


The reports module includes reports to support Clinical operations, finance, and HR.  Quality Assurance and Performance improvement (QAPI) reports.

Several standard reports are pre-loaded for easy out-of-the-box usage.  Additional reports can be created to suit your workflow management practices during the roll-out for your organization.